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ME Produce Upgrades to 2011 Hino 268 Truck

ME Produce’s 2011 Hino 268 truck ME Produce’s 2011 Hino 268 truck.

Based in Morganville, New Jersey, ME Produce has been actively providing delivery services to the Hunts Point Market for Armata Fruit & Produce twice per week for the past ten years. ME Produce learned about the Hunts Point Clean Trucks Program (CTP) thanks to a poster displayed at a local restaurant within the Produce Terminal Market. Initially skeptical about the rebate incentives offered by the CTP, Mr. Mark Fedorenko, President of ME Produce, enlisted the help of his daughter to investigate the veracity of the program’s benefits.

ME Produce had intended to replace one of its older vehicles in 2013 but the company had concerns about the high prices of the newer used trucks. By participating in the CTP, ME Produce purchased a class 6, 2011 Hino 268 truck with significant savings made possible by the CTP’s generous rebate incentives. According to Mr. Fedorenko, “Participating in the CTP was easy because the administration team provided excellent assistance and timely responses to all my questions.” Mr. Fedorenko continued to say, “I am proof that the program works and provides real savings especially to smaller trucking companies that may not be able to make such a costly investment into newer equipment. My 1992 International truck was getting older and requiring more costly repairs. The CTP helped me get into a newer truck, save money on fuel, and avoid headaches. People who work near my truck have noticed an improvement in the noise reduction and diesel fume odor coming from the truck. I feel proud to drive my newer truck and let my friends know about the CTP.”