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Mechanical Heating Supply Inc. Takes Delivery of the First Cleaner Truck Funded by the Hunts Point CTP

First Truck Delivered Mr. Frank Rivera, owner of Mechanical Heating Supply Inc., takes delivery of 2013 Hino truck from Mr. Robert Milea of Milea Truck Sales Corp.

The Hunts Point Clean Trucks Program (CTP) is proud to announce the delivery of the first new and cleaner truck funded by the Program. Since the Program’s launch in January 2012, the South Bronx community has embraced the Program’s mission to create a greener environment by providing rebate funds for the purchase of new vehicles, the installation of exhaust retrofit devices, or the scrappage of older trucks. The Hunts Point CTP has reached an important and exciting milestone with the deployment of the first truck awarded to Mechanical Heating Supply Inc.

From its Bronx facility, Mechanical Heating Supply Inc. provides its customers with a wide range of equipment that enables the integration of renewable energy efficient products for residential/commercial space heating and domestic hot water solutions. For over twenty-two years, the company has taken pride in being at the forefront of new technology adaptation, actively seeking out opportunities to integrate newer, cleaner, and more efficient equipment into their operations.

Company owner Frank Rivera states that, "Mechanical Heating Supply Inc. is committed to implementing environmental best practices that also support the company’s bottom line." When the company learned about the rebate incentives available through the Hunts Point CTP, they immediately submitted an application. Mr. Rivera recognizes the benefits that eliminating one of the fleet’s older vehicles will have on his business operations and the improvement to local air quality.

The Hunts Point CTP congratulates Mechanical Heating Supply Inc. for its environmental efforts and support of the Program.

Test Drive
Mr. Frank Rivera and driver Steve Jimenez explore the company's newer and cleaner truck.


Father and Son eliver first cleaner truck
Mr. Robert Milea and his son Anthony Milea of Milea Truck Sales Corp. proudly deliver the first cleaner truck funded by the Hunts Point CTP to the Bronx.