Hunts Point Clean Trucks Program
Program Managed and Sponsored by theNew York City Department of Transportation

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How to Apply

Round 4 funding achieved the goal to fund the replacement of 100 older diesel trucks!

Upon distribution of the Round 4 funding, the HPCTP will have replaced, retrofitted or scrapped over 600 older heavy polluting diesel trucks from the South Bronx and NYC. The HPCTP has also scrapped and replaced 28 older heavy polluting diesel fueled transport refrigeration units.

The HPCTP incentive rebate funding is for the South Bronx business communities of Hunts Point and Port Morris interested in the replacement of older Class 3 to Class 8 trucks with a model year 2016 or newer truck with a 2010 U.S. EPA emission compliant or newer diesel engine or alternative fuel engine (hybrid diesel-electric, compressed natural gas or battery electric truck).

The 2017 rebate incentive caps range from $10,000 for a Class 3 diesel fueled replacement truck up to $30,000 for a Class 8 diesel fueled replacement truck. The 2017 rebate incentive caps range from $17,000 to $90,000 for an alternative fuel replacement truck. Scrapping of the older truck being replaced is required. Diesel exhaust retrofit technology rebate amounts are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Vision Zero is a comprehensive plan to improve safety in New York City. The HPCTP supports NYC's efforts on Vision Zero by requiring Vehicle Safety Enhancements to be installed and maintained on funded trucks. Vehicle Safety Enhancements include: side mirrors with a split mirror design; cross-over mirrors; passenger door down view mirror; a backup alert system; and side guards. These enhancements increase driver visibility and help prevent and lessen the severity of crashes involving pedestrians, bicycles and other motor vehicles.

The NYCDOT and the NYC Business Integrity Commission have also worked together to provide incentive funding for the early adoption of Vision Zero side guards within the private waste hauler fleet serving NYC. To date 88 private waste hauler trucks have been outfitted with side guards, with the cost for purchase and installation being shared by the truck owner and the NYCDOT.

The Hunts Point Clean Trucks Program is accepting applications on a first-come, first-served basis for a voluntary incentive-based clean vehicle rebate program for truck owners and fleets that are based and/or operate in the Hunts Point or Port Morris communities.  The Program aims to modernize older diesel trucks by offering rebate incentives for truck scrappage, truck replacement with new 2010 EPA emissions-compliant diesel or alternative fuel trucks and exhaust retrofit technologies.

Go to Clean Truck Options to learn more.

To participate in the Program, you must own a Class 3 to Class 8 diesel truck equipped with an engine Model Year 2006 and older and be based and/or operate regularly in Hunts Point or Port Morris.

Basic Requirements to Participate

  • Own a Class 3 to Class 8 Diesel Truck
  • Diesel truck must be equipped with engine Model Year 2006 and older
  • Be based and/or regularly operate in Hunts Point or Port Morris
  • Commit to Program for 5 years
  • Vehicle Safety Enhancements are required to be installed and maintained on each Replacement Truck and Qualifying Truck with an Exhaust Retrofit Technology installed.

If you are interested in receiving rebate incentives through the Hunts Point Clean Trucks Program for qualifying truck scrappage, truck replacement, or the installation of an exhaust retrofit technology, you must complete the Rebate Incentive Application (PDF, download Acrobat Reader). The Rebate Incentive Application is designed to be user-friendly and straight forward to help expedite the funding request in an efficient and successful manner.

Incentive Rebate Application Overview

Have a quick glance at the contents of the Rebate Incentive Application!

  • Rebate Incentive Application Cover Page
  • Application Instructions
  • Rebate Incentive Funding Table
  • Form 1 – Rebate Incentive Application
  • Form 2 – Supplemental Application Cover Sheet
  • Form 3 – Supplemental Application Form
  • Form A – Proof of Service

To start the application process, please review the ten (10) steps below on how to apply.

10 Steps on How to Apply!

  1. Click here to download the PDF Rebate Incentive Application. The PDF document has a total of eight (8) pages. If you cannot open the PDF, download the latest version of Acrobat Reader.
  2. Carefully review the Rebate Incentive Application Cover Page (Page 1) and Application Instructions (Page 2).
  3. Review the Rebate Funding Table (Page 3) to determine the amount of Rebate Incentive funding available per funding type.
  4. Select the Rebate Incentive of choice to complete the Rebate Incentive Application.
  5. Review and complete Form 1 (Page 4 and 5) of the Rebate Incentive Application. Make sure to provide signature and date.
  6. Review and complete Form 2 – Supplemental Application Cover Sheet (Page 6) and specify the total number of truck replacements and/or retrofit technology installations included in the application, and additional documents needed for each qualifying truck.
  7. Required Documents for Older Truck

    • Truck Registration (one year)
    • Truck Title
    • Insurance Coverage (Auto Liability)
    • Proof of Service (Demonstrate one year history of operating in Hunts Point or Port Morris; Form A)
    Make sure to include all required documents for your older truck(s) – Vehicle Registration, Title, Insurance Coverage, and Proof of Service.
  8. Review and complete Form 3 – Supplemental Application Form (Page 7) that requests information on qualifying truck (older truck) and Clean Truck Option of choice.
  9. Review and complete Form A demonstrating history of service in Hunts Point or Port Morris (Page 8).
  10. After you have carefully reviewed your complete application and included all necessary signatures and required information, submit your completed Rebate Incentive Application to the Hunts Point Clean Trucks Program Administrator. You can submit your application in one of the two ways:
    • Email:
    • Postal Address:
      • HPCTP c/o TetraTech Inc.
        249 Ocean Blvd., Suite 325
        Long Beach, CA, 90802

Contact Us if you have any questions!

Application Process

  • After you submit your Rebate Incentive Application, the Program Administrator will review your application.
  • The Program Administrator will contact you if additional information is needed.
  • Submission of an application does not guarantee rebate funding.
  • If approved for Program participation, the Program Administrator will work with you and the vendor on the vehicle/equipment transaction (sales agreement/invoice).
  • If approved for Program participation, Program funding will be disbursed directly to a dealer, original equipment manufacturer (OEM), or exhaust retrofit vendor participating in the Program’s Vendor Network after the new truck or exhaust retrofit is delivered or installed on a participant’s truck.
  • Once the application has been submitted and reviewed by the Program Administrator, the application process can range from 60 to 90 days.