Hunts Point Clean Trucks Program
Program Managed and Sponsored by theNew York City Department of Transportation

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About the Hunts Point CTP

Round 4 funding achieved the goal to fund the replacement of 100 older diesel trucks!

Upon distribution of the Round 4 funding, the HPCTP will have replaced, retrofitted or scrapped over 600 older heavy polluting diesel trucks from the South Bronx and NYC. The HPCTP has also scrapped and replaced 28 older heavy polluting diesel fueled transport refrigeration units.

The HPCTP incentive rebate funding is for the South Bronx business communities of Hunts Point and Port Morris interested in the replacement of older Class 3 to Class 8 trucks with a model year 2016 or newer truck with a 2010 U.S. EPA emission compliant or newer diesel engine or alternative fuel engine (hybrid diesel-electric, compressed natural gas or battery electric truck).

The 2017 rebate incentive caps range from $10,000 for a Class 3 diesel fueled replacement truck up to $30,000 for a Class 8 diesel fueled replacement truck. The 2017 rebate incentive caps range from $17,000 to $90,000 for an alternative fuel replacement truck. Scrapping of the older truck being replaced is required. Diesel exhaust retrofit technology rebate amounts are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Vision Zero is a comprehensive plan to improve safety in New York City. The HPCTP supports NYC's efforts on Vision Zero by requiring Vehicle Safety Enhancements to be installed and maintained on funded trucks. Vehicle Safety Enhancements include: side mirrors with a split mirror design; cross-over mirrors; passenger door down view mirror; a backup alert system; and side guards. These enhancements increase driver visibility and help prevent and lessen the severity of crashes involving pedestrians, bicycles and other motor vehicles.

The NYCDOT and the NYC Business Integrity Commission have also worked together to provide incentive funding for the early adoption of Vision Zero side guards within the private waste hauler fleet serving NYC. To date 88 private waste hauler trucks have been outfitted with side guards, with the cost for purchase and installation being shared by the truck owner and the NYCDOT.

The Hunts Point Clean Trucks Program (HPCTP) is a unique and exciting environmental initiative led by the New York City Department of Transportation (NYCDOT) aiming to promote sustainable transportation and a cleaner environment in the South Bronx, New York. The Program targets truck owners serving the Hunts Point and Port Morris communities and offers attractive rebate incentives (PDF, download Acrobat Reader) for the purchase of advanced transportation technologies and alternative fuels such as new diesel, hybrid electric, compressed natural gas, and battery electric trucks. Rebate incentives are also available for the installation of exhaust retrofit technologies.

Goals and Objectives

The Hunts Point Clean Trucks Program prides itself in its mission to provide rebate incentives for the purchase of “cleaner trucks for a greener South Bronx.” Through the use of advanced transportation technologies and cleaner fuels, the Program has already replaced up to 500 older trucks with newer and more environmentally friendly vehicles. The overall goal is to reduce diesel pollution and improve air quality and public health. In order to implement a successful Program, the NYCDOT and its Program Partners understand the importance of building strong relationships and partnerships with members of the Bronx community. For this reason, the Program looks to engage stakeholders, government agencies and the local community in every step of this initiative.

Rebate Funding

The U.S. Federal Highway Administration's  (FHWA) Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program (CMAQ) provides funding for programs in air quality nonattainment and maintenance areas for ozone, carbon monoxide (CO), and particulate matter (PM-10, PM-2.5) that aim to reduce transportation related emissions. Through a competitive solicitation conducted by the New York State Department of Transportation and FHWA,  NYCDOT received approval to implement the Hunts Point Clean Trucks Program and assist with alternative fuel infrastructure in Hunts Point. The Program will allow members of the trucking community in the South Bronx to replace their older vehicles with newer cleaner trucks as well as provide funds for exhaust retrofit technologies.

Buy America Provision

The HPCTP is funded by the the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) Congestion and Mitigation Air Quality Program, or CMAQ. This means that as a Federal-Aid project, the HPCTP must conform to the Buy America provision which requires that vehicles purchased using FHWA funds be manufactured in the United States using 100% domestically sourced iron and steel. Because it is extremely complicated to determine the source of iron and steel in the manufacturing of a truck or vehicle, NYCDOT has applied for and received a waiver allowing vehicle eligibility as long as the truck is final assembled in the U.S. As part of the documentation on the new replacement truck, a photograph of the door jamb tag is submitted with the paperwork showing the final assembly of the new replacement truck within the United States.

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